Humvee M1167 A2 REV
Buy: $108000.00 GBP
1969 M274 Mule
Buy: $9950.00 GBP
DAF YA616 6-Wheel Drive Military Crane Vehicle - Tax and MOT Exempt
Buy: $14999.00 GBP
Ford GPW 1944 Totally Restored (not Willys)
Buy: $32995.00 GBP
Buy: $13000.00 GBP
CVRT Messier Dampers Mk 2
Buy: $896.15 GBP
Alvis Shielder 2001 cvrt 5.9 cummins 275hp zf auto. 5ton load capacity
Buy: $23000.00 GBP
1950 fordson commer cab 4x4 army vehicle which truck bedford rl
Buy: $1600.00 GBP
1979 Lightweight Landrover And Camper Trailer REDUCED
Buy: $10750.00 GBP
1937 Commer 8cwt RAF van
Buy: $6750.00 GBP
Combat Engineering Tractor.
Buy: $19995.00 GBP